About Us


air space is the collective name for each of the businesses that support those who seek total wellness.


Body, Mind, Spirit 

Our theme is the balance of these three elements.

Picture, light and sound.
The body, voice, and expression are wrapped with a gentle heart...


To make our lives more beautiful, we will express various contents as if they were art.

With the keyword "unknown experience, unknown feeling", we will create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for everyone who visits.

Project Air Space

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Kato, the representative of PLEIA, gained from many years of successful actual battle experience over 30 years.

It can be applied to the enhancement of lifestyle, including business.

Beyond lectures and tour workshops that provide attractive self-made know-how that attracts "people"

A special project prepared to learn deeper practical communication.

The main members volunteer for their own will and continue to take on challenges to make their dreams come true.


Chinami H.       C-LA representative


Keiko A.         Lucia representative


Kyoko I.          Prana representative


Mari S.           Representative of Meria


SHine     Impressive Division MOVE


U-TA           Movie Creator