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About Showroom

air space Yokohama Motomachi Showroom



There was a reason why it opened in 2020, despite the very difficult global situation.


Fans of the represented artist, Yuji KATO, felt this way

"In these chaotic times, we need his warm and relieving art."

All he paints are "flowers. They are the kind of thing that naturally bring smiles to our faces when we give them to each other.

His fans, deeply fascinated not only by his artworks but also by his philosophy, have created a place that specializes in his art. They wanted to make it known to as many people as possible.

Their wish took shape, and "air space Yokohama Motomachi Showroom" was born.

We Do

We hold special solo exhibitions several times a year.

We have selected works to be exhibited under a variety of themes for each solo exhibition.
Our goal is to create an "unprecedented type of exhibition" that anyone can easily visit.
We take advantage of the opportunity of a solo exhibition to propose a new way to enjoy art.

We plan some events to make Art more accessible and enjoyable.

​In order to effectively create the soft and fantastical world of Yuji KATO, the showroom has acquired the store design rights for lighting, sound equipment, and other design details.
We have obtained design rights for the interior of the store, paying close attention to every detail of the store's design.
Visitors can enjoy live music while surrounded by paintings illuminated by spotlights, or listen to a talk show about the secrets of his work.

Furthermore, we propose unknown experiences created by the collaboration of paintings and video works... Various projects are planned.

​You can quickly see works that can only be seen here and new works.

If you are ever in Yokohama, please stop by and see us.
Please contact us by e-mail, phone, or through the contact section of our website.

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