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All of my artwork is like my own children.


Creating my floral works, I try to feel “The Magnificence of Flowers”, and also I don't  draw at all unless I am in the mood for that, in order to infuse my life of “moment” itself to my works.


So even if it is just one line in just one second, I will use my unique style of "moment" that injects life into the shining moment of my floral paintings.


The artwork which I create is the same as my life. It is alive! 


The image of shining and glorious flowers in my mind, can be directly visualized on paper.

Flowers always sincerely welcome us, and are genuine, emotional and strong. I hope we will be able to always aspire to our dreams and hopes, and live our own lives, learning from these flowers.

By Yuji​

photo by Rica


Healing Flower Art of Love

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