Project air space

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Kato, the general director of the air space group,

For over 30 years as a representative of Preah

Gained from many years of successful practice experience

Know-how of "creating attractive self"

I have conveyed it through Enjoy lectures and tour workshops.

And for the members who will lead the next generation to learn there, we will provide an air space filled with Kato's feelings as a place of activity.

Project air space was born to realize their further leap and dream success.


Project air space is based on the common concept of perfect balance of these three elements: Body, Mind, and Spirit.
We provide various services and contents.


Chinami  C-LA representative

Human Mission Director / Planner


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Keiko A.  Lucia Art Promotion Representative

Art promoter

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Sari  C-LA & MO | VE

Concierge / Planner / Web Designer

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​Movie Creator / Life Coach

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