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air space Yokohama Motomachi showroom

air space Yokohama Motomachi showroom is a one-of-a-kind space where you can enjoy the works of Yuji KATO, an internationally acclaimed watercolor flower artist, along with various effects.


The design was uncompromisingly created, just like a drawing on a blank canvas.


The delicate lines, graceful use of color, soft gradation, and shimmering grains of light are all representative of his works...

The greatest appeal of his works is that they show different faces depending on the color and intensity of the lighting, the angle from which they are viewed, and of course, the viewer's emotional state.

Why don't you listen to the tone played by the flower paintings with your heart?


Exhibition Schedules

​Scheduled Solo Exhibition


Yuji KATO Solo Exhibition

9/29(金) 〜 10/4(水) の期間、江ノ島すばな通りに位置する



Image by Augustine Wong

 Visit Reservation 

Reservation for visiting our showroom in Yokohama Motomachi

※We will adjust the date of the visit from the candidate date you inquire, but we may not be able to meet your preferred date. In that case, we will rearrange the schedule.


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